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CHOA Annual Meeting Minutes Jan. 26, 2006

Annual Homeowners?’ Meeting Minutes ?–1/26/06

Board Members present: Will Darken (President), Ray Ziehm (Vice President), Marta Skovrinski (Secretary), Rick Simms (Treasurer), Jacque Drinkwine (Director at Large), Kim McQuarrie (Director, ACC)

Will called the meeting to order at 7:08

· Reading of last year’s meeting minutes: Marta
- The previous year’s meeting minutes were read before the group and there were no objections.

· President’s Report: Will
- Will thanked the social committee for all their work during the last year and the refreshments provided for this meeting. He also thanked Norma McHenry for being our ACCORD representative.
- Vintage Reserve:
There is now a 4-ft debris fence along Sheridan in order to try and contain construction debris.
Ed Bentinardi, Ray and Will met with the Leawood board and learned Vintage Reserve’s bike paths and green belts will be turned over to Leawood’s district for maintenance.
- Coal Mine traffic situation – thanks to Susan Beckman, there are now signs regarding cars passing on the right to go around people turning left into our neighborhood. Compliance appears to be sporadic, but perhaps increased police presence will encourage that.
- The annual homeowners’ meeting notices were sent out regular mail vs. certified, which cost the HOA less money and did not require a recipient’s signature.
- The registered articles of incorporation do not reflect the president’s personal contact information.
- Trash day- it was just as economical to have two dumpsters for two weekends last year as it was to have two for one day as in years past. This discussion will take place under “other business.”
- Columbine Heights is experiencing more vandalism and is particularly vulnerable to mail theft since we have accessible boxes on the street.
- Last year, Joe Yandrofski had requested investigation into burying Xcel lines due to frequent outages. Will discovered Xcel makes customers pay for this service.

· Secretary’s Report: Marta
- A brief introduction and description of the secretary/newsletter duties was given followed by an overview of the current project being worked on: a neighborhood history of the land and many of the original residents’ memories.

· Treasurer’s Report: Rick
- Distributed a financial report.
- Due to the insurance obligation, Columbine Heights is currently in the red financially.
- The line items of the report were gone over.
- There was a call for suggestions from the floor on how to address the financial situation, which included encouraging more participation through fund raising activities such as the silent auction at the picnic. It was also decided to include benefits of the HOA in a letter with the dues invoice and ask for a voluntary over payment.

· ACC Report: Kim
- Kim reiterated that any changes planned for the outside of a home need to be approved by the ACC, which is also a standing reminder in the newsletters.

· Bike Link Path: Will
- There was extensive discussion both for and against a bike link with Vintage Reserve. A motion was made and seconded to do nothing at this time and revisit the matter at the ’07 annual homeowners’ meeting.

· Roofing Issues: Will
- The board is attempting to set a standard as the shingle roofs in our neighborhood age and shingle roofs are no longer practical or supported. Fowler and Peth, a roofing wholesaler, gave a presentation to the board and left an educational binder with Will, available to be checked out by anyone looking to re-roof. They also have a showroom at Belleview and Federal.
- The floor was opened to input and it was decided the next step would be to invite another/several roofing materials companies to present to the board for comparison.

· SB 05-100: Will
- Except for the Xeriscape landscaping, this legislature for the most part does not apply to us, primarily due to our lack of common property. Will covered several items to which we do and will comply anyway since it is Colorado law.

· Other Business: Will
- Angie Matthias will be replaced by Stacy Kiene for web site maintenance.
- Coal Mine is slated to be widened, perhaps as soon as ’07. We will need to stay on top of that and determine what we, as a neighborhood, want to ask from the county.
- The trash day discusssion resumed and it was decided to have one dumpster for one day in order to save as much money as possible and still retain this service for dues-paying residents.

· Elections: Will
- Joe Stengel is no longer able to fulfill his board of director duties due to his commitment at the Colorado State legislature so there is consequently an opening on the board.
- Jeff Held was nominated in absentia and seconded.
- The motion was made and seconded to elect and re-elect the standing board for another year.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:44.
The attending board members met very briefly to re-assign directors to their current positions and Jeff Held as a director at large.

Posted by columbine13 on 06/26/2006
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