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CHOA Board Minutes Feb. 24, 2005

Feb. 24, 2005

CHOA Board Meeting Minutes – 2/24/05
Attendees – Will Darken, Ray Ziehm, Marta Skovrinski, Rick Simms, Kim McQuarrie, Jacque Drinkwine

Will called the meeting to order at 7:05
• President’s Report: Will
- Will filed the amended articles of incorporation, changing his contact information to be generic for the current president of CHOA.
- Hopefully the block captains will be delivering the new articles and bylaws to residents in approximately one month.
- Although we are getting increased police patrols, the increase of vandalism is of concern, as is the theft of several people’s mail. Several neighbors have gotten letters from the Arapahoe County Sheriff regarding open garage doors. Marta will place a permanent newsletter reminder about the mail box flags; the warning should be on the web site as well.
- There should also be a permanent reminder in the newsletter, as well as the web site that the ACC is a good resource for information on types of sheds, fences and roofing.
- Norma McHenry has volunteered to be the new ACCORD rep.
- Senate Bill 100 could impact us negatively since our association is voluntary and would put undue financial strain on us. Joe is also against the legislation.

• ACC: Will reported in Joe’s absence.
- Will spoke with Norma McHenry, Pete Abbott (formerly on the ACC) and Pam Peterson (neighbor to the sheds). Norma has two sheds, one is electrified and being called a changing room for the hot tub. They are within county regulations for size. The neighbors seem to not want trouble with Norma. Kim also spoke to Norma and felt Norma would paint the red one if Pam and the Lubecks wanted that. Will to follow up.
- Joe is now the Minority Leader in the Colo. House and is finding it difficult to perform as director of the ACC. Kim McQuarrie was voted in as the new ACC Director and Joe Stengel will remain on the board as a Director at Large.
- Tina Maly is installing a lap pool which has been approved by the ACC.
- Ray and one of his neighbors will approach the owner of Glenview trailer and kindly ask that it be removed.

• Treasurer’s Report: Rick
- Dues are coming in, participation numbers are encouraging since the annual meeting.

• Secretary’s Report: Marta
- The suggestion was made that the meeting minutes be sent out to the directors shortly after the board meetings. I said I’d try.

• Directory Report: Jacque
- Jacque will give extra copies of the directories to Pat Mitchell for block captains to distribute to neighbors who did not attend the annual homeowner’s meeting.

• New Business:
- Election of officers: Affirmation of officers in current positions, with Kim as new ACC Director motioned and seconded.
- Vintage Reserve, sales trailer to open very soon, first model’s basement has been excavated.
- Insurance policy review to be handled by Rick and Angie Mathias.
- Trash day, May 14 or 21. Tyler Drinkwine will help residents get their things to the roll off, if needed.
- 4th of July parade
- Picnic date to be held the Saturday before Labor Day.
- The next board meeting will be held on April 28 at 7:00 p.m. Adjourn 8:40 p.m.

Posted by columbine13 on 07/01/2005
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