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CHOA Bd Minutes Dec. 15, 2005

Dec. 15, 2005

CHOA Board Meeting Minutes –12/15/05
Attendees – Will Darken (host), Ray Ziehm, Marta Skovrinski, Rick Simms, Jacque Drinkwine, Kim McQuarrie

Will called the meeting to order at 7:15

• President’s Report: Will
- Will is in the process of collecting meeting signs (4). There has been concern about the meeting signs being posted close to Coal Mine and therefore the public at large being aware that a significant percentage of homeowners may not be home. The suggestion was made to place the signs further in on each street, maybe a few houses away from Coal Mine instead.

- Will had asked Norma McHenry to inquire at the ACCORD meeting whether we were bound by SB100 since Columbine Heights has no common property. She came back with we are not bound except for the xeriscape provisions.

- Matthias house sold at 13 Dutch Creek and the new owners have also agreed to tend to the Columbine Heights’ web site.

- Will, Ray and Ed Bettinardi went to a Leawood board meeting to learn more about the future of the Vintage Reserve development since it will become part of their recreational district approximately a year after completion.

• Landscaping is currently in progress
• There will be a footbridge over the creek.
• It was decided that we would debate at the annual meeting whether to request a bike link between ours and V.R.’s neighborhoods in order to take advantage of their trails. The majority vote of attendees that evening should carry it.

- There was some vandalism of a neighbor’s outdoor Christmas decoration.

• Vice President’s Report: Ray
- Ray contributed to Will’s report on Vintage Reserve.

• Secretary’s Report: Marta
- Many neighbors have expressed extreme disappointment with the looks of Vintage Reserve. Questions and complaints have included: Were promises broken? The appearance of the development doesn’t even attempt to blend into the flavor of the area. What will be the barrier between our neighborhoods? Why don’t we have a wall on our side, like the eastern portion of V.R. does?
- Sheridan especially, but other streets in our neighborhood as well are being inundated with construction debris. Can we go to them and request action on this?
- It was decided that Vintage Reserve issues should be addressed in the next newsletter.

• Treasurer’s Report: Rick
- Distributed a financial report.
- For the annual meeting, Rick will also break out the voluntary over payments.
- It was discussed whether to implement a sponsorship program wherein contributions made to a neighborhood reserve fund would not go toward social events.
- It was decided to modify the annual picnic to be the annual picnic and silent auction and Jacque offered to chair the silent auction portion.

• ACC Report: Kim
- Joe Stengel was contacted and asked if he had approved the Abbot’s shed when he was the head of the ACC and Joe indicated that he had. Joe will write a note for the ACC file in order to be current.

• Annual Meeting: Will
- Bike Link vote: We will allow for discussion and if no consensus can be reached, we will table it until next year.
- Roofing policies: They must meet a minimum level of quality.
Roofing committee?
- 2005/2006 Budget
- Jacque to print ballot, letter, agenda and give them to Will to send out in Jan, 06.

• Other Business: Will
- No other business.

• Adjourn:
- 9:02 p.m.

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