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CHOA Annual Meeting Minutes Jan. 25, 2005

Jan. 25, 2005

Annual Homeowners’ Meeting Minutes – 1/25/05
Laura Ingalls Wilder Elementary

Will called the meeting to order at 7:06
• President’s Report: Will Darken
- Will apologized for any inconvenience the certified mailing caused anyone and went over the rules under which the meeting will be conducted.
- The new CHOA board has been busy and has many accomplishments:
 Thanks mostly to Ray, the articles of incorporation and the bylaw documents have been rewritten and will be voted on by the attendees shortly.
 Vintage Reserve meetings have occurred, ensuring adherence to the agreement reached with Genessee. The concessions granted to the original plan for the development were in large part thanks to Pat Mitchell, former president of CHOA.
 The lawsuit was settled with Ray Northrup for covenant violations
 Due to the vandalism and theft in the neighborhood, Susan Beckman was contacted at the county and more police patrols were requested. Neighbors providing email addresses will receive periodic email updates on this and various other concerns.
 Thanks to the social committee for providing refreshments for the evening and the success of the annual picnic.
 Thanks also to the block captains for their work getting information out.

• Secretary’s Report: Marta Skovrinski
- Meeting minutes from the July, 2004 homeowners’ meeting were read. It was asked if there were any corrections and none were raised.

• Treasurer’s Report: Rick Simms
- Went over 2004 expenses
- 2005 Budget
 Trash day to be removed for lack of participation? Discuss under “Other Business”
 No dues increase this year, hope for more participation.

• ACC Report: Joe Stengel
- Sheds mostly comprise the activity of the ACC at this time since it’s been a sporadically enforced covenant.
- Ray Northrup lawsuit, Ray was in violation of not only Columbine Heights covenants, but also county regulations.
- The purpose of the ACC is peaceful coexistence and the general good of everyone and their property values.

• Articles and Bylaws: Ray Ziehm, Will Darken
- There’s been a great deal of work done on both the articles of incorporation and the bylaws documents to correct discrepancies, simplify and rearrange language when needed.
- Will gave a brief overview of the significant changes to the bylaws:
 The current voting situation is that membership is automatic and each parcel of land is granted two votes. We’d like to see it changed to each parcel being allocated one vote for the sake of clarity and simplicity.
 We’d like to define a quorum as 20 voting members.
 Board members would be voted in by the populace and then the board members vote for the officers.
 Dues are voluntary.
- The motion was made to accept the new bylaws and seconded but subsequently withdrawn when some homeowners wanted further discussion about the number of votes per parcel.
- After discussion, the motion was made and seconded to vote on whether each lot should get one vote or two with each parcel getting two votes since that’s the way the bylaws currently read. Six votes were cast against changing the bylaws to one vote per parcel with the rest of the votes being placed for one vote per parcel.
- The motion was remade to accept the bylaws with the changes and seconded. The motion was carried with 31 votes for and 4 votes against.
- Articles of Incorporation:
 There was discussion about Will’s name and address being called out in the articles. Could that information be placed generically as the current CHOA president? Will to look into it.
- The motion was made and seconded to accept the articles with the proviso that Will look into changing the contact information and carried unanimously.

• Other Business: Will Darken

- The motion was made to vote on if we want a trash day and seconded. The trash day motion was carried with Chris Abeyta, Joe Yandrofski and Tyler Drinkwine volunteering to help look into more economical options.

- Power outages are becoming more frequent. Could CHOA approach X-cel about burying power lines? Will to look into it.

• Directors: Will Darken
- There was a call for nominations for new directors from the floor; there were none.
- A motion was made, seconded and carried to retain the existing seven directors for a new year.

Motion made and seconded to adjourn at 8:45.

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