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CHOA Bd Minutes Dec. 2, 2004

Dec. 2, 2004

CHOA Board Meeting Minutes –12/02/04

Attendees – Will Darken, Ray Zeim, Marta Skovrinski, Kim McQuarrie, Jacque Drinkwine and Bettye Stengel sitting in for Joe Stengel.

• President’s Report: Will
- Articles and Bylaws – Some of the neighbors who expressed particular concern about the articles and bylaws have been furnished with a preliminary copy of the documents. A sheet outlining major changes to the documents, as well as the documents themselves should be sent out to the neighborhood prior to the annual homeowners’ meeting in January. A “pre-meeting” inviting interested neighbors to attend a discussion on the changes to the articles and bylaws should be held to keep the agenda running smoothly.

- According Paul Danborn the title of the new document needs to read “ Amendment to Articles of Incorporation.”

- Should the directors have staggered terms for continuity should seated directors be voted out or resign? Extensive discussion, no conclusions reached, matter tabled for the time being.

• ACC:
- Still no news or movement on the illegal shed.
- Upcoming opening on the committee due to Nick Schurr’s house being for sale?
- A trailer has returned to a yard on Glenview after requests for removal from neighbors accompanying unusual numbers of cars and traffic to the home with potentially groups of people (some maybe homeless) staying for extended periods of time. Joe to be informed. Board needs more information before proceeding with any action.

• Treasurer’s Report: Rick, although not present supplied a budget statement
- 2005 budget doesn’t include a trash pick up day, very low turnout this year, perhaps every other year? Bring it up at the annual meeting to gauge interest.

- We have a potential deficit situation, a dues increase will need to be brought up at the annual meeting.

- Membership drive in conjunction with the addition of social activities not funded by CHOA? Will to invite Karen Marston of the social committee to the next board meeting for ideas and potentially speaking at the meeting in January.

- Discussion over the dues reminder notice coming in the mail.

• Secretary’s Report: Marta
- Newsletter delivery system apparently broke down resulting in the newsletter being delivered later than scheduled.

- Revisit discussion on emailing newsletter to those who are emailable. Followed by hard copy, or hard copy only to those who cannot be emailed? Contact Pat Mitchell and see if she is willing to host a block captains’ meeting and see what they think about new ideas for increased communication.

Directory Report: Jacque
- Distribute prior to annual meeting and have some available at the annual meeting as well.

Next Board meeting – Jan 18, 2005

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