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CHOA Bd Minutes March 24, 2006

CHOA Board Minutes March 24, 2006

Attendees – Will Darken (host), Ray Ziehm, Marta Skovrinski, Rick Simms, Jacque Drinkwine, Jeff Held

Will called the meeting to order at 7:10
· The first order of business was to reinforce the officer elections held at the end of the annual homeowners’ meeting wherein it was voted to keep officers in their current positions and Jeff Held will replace Joe Stengel as a member at large.

· President’s Report: Will
- The empty lot on Larkdale has been purchased and surveying has begun to build a home and the ACC will need to see the plans and make sure it complies with our covenants, especially house height.
- Arapahoe County has instituted new ordinances that will make it easier to prosecute vicious dogs.
- More mail has been stolen.
- X-cel wants to put a transformer in the Yandrofski’s yard.
- From the annual meeting:
Will to call another roofing wholesaler to come and present to the board for comparison.
A.J. Huver and a representative from Leawood were no shows at the annual meeting.
Bike path – the email survey indicated a favorable response, but the annual meeting had a very different sentiment.

· Treasurer’s Report: Rick
- Rick distributed a financial report and a draft of a letter to be mailed with the dues notice. A discussion ensued and it was decided that Marta would massage the letter and get back to Rick for mailing.

· Secretary’s Report: Marta
We are being pointedly ignored by A.J. Huver, one of the construction managers at Vintage Reserve. The trash situation is worse than ever and construction traffic continues to barrel through our neighborhood attempting to access V.R. Discussion followed and it was decided to be more aggressive regarding our issues and go around A.J. since he’s been so unresponsive.

· ACC Report: Will, in Kim’s place
- There are some very trashy looking yards in the neighborhood. Will offered to contact the offending parties and see if a conversational first step would rectify the matter.

· Coal Mine Widening: Will and Ray
- After significant discussion, it was concluded that Will would draft a letter to Susan Beckman at the county, as well as go to the county and look at the plans.
- Ray did some sound research and it was discussed whether we should buy a sound meter level recorder and submit our findings to the county in support of a wall.
- Pepper Abbott could be a potential person to help poll the residents on Coal Mine to see what their feelings are regarding a wall.

· Other Business: Will
- There is a local association of HOA’s called CoHope, (Council of Homeowners for a planned environment) consisting of monthly meetings to distribute information. They invite speakers and the fee is $20/month. Jeff and Jacque offered to rotate monthly attendance and report back.
- Potential mosquito breeding ground in standing water at Vintage Reserve.

· Adjourn:
- 8:55 p.m.

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