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CHOA Board Minutes April 28, 2005

April 28, 2005

Attendees – Will Darken, Ray Ziehm, Marta Skovrinski, Rick Simms, Kim McQuarrie, guest, Steve Loo of the ACC

Will called the meeting to order at 7:05
• President’s Report: Will
- Libel issue with Ray Northrup – Will spoke with Ray for two hours and apologized. Kim spoke with him as well and he seems satisfied. Hopefully the incident is over.
- Will reported the matter to the insurance company and attorney.
- Senate Bill 100 status – currently in the House of Representatives.
- Coal Mine traffic – people are passing on the right at accelerated speeds instead of waiting for the car in front of them to turn left, creating a dangerous situation. Will has contacted Susan Beckman to see what can be done. Perhaps increased police presence?
- Attorney Paul Danborn is raising his rates to $175/hr.
- Residents have approached Will about a potential wall on Coal Mine with the new development progressing. Will did some preliminary research and found it would be very expensive and there are effectiveness of sound mitigation questions due to multiple streets. Potentially funnel noise right down to Dutch Creek? Who maintains it?
- Norma McHenry is the new ACCORD rep for CHOA.

• Secretary’s Report: Marta
- We have an advertiser in our newsletter.
- Ask for another director to do a guest spot for the director’s section of the newsletter.
- Minutes from April approved.

• Treasurer’s Report: Rick
- Distributed financial report.
- We need to cut costs – should the annual picnic be BYOB? That would reduce costs and potentially liability for the HOA.
- In the newsletter, lay groundwork for a dues increase.
- Perhaps a fundraiser? Suggestion was made for another neighborhood garage sale wherein people could drop off donations to CHOA at a central location to be sold.

• ACC Report: Kim
- ACC issues should come to the board and be voted on by the group.
- Ray Northrup wants to put the berm and the fence back up that he was mandated to remove in the lawsuit. Extended discussion ensued. Finally, it was put to a vote with four board members voting to approve Ray’s request with the caveat of it being substantially more aesthetic than the previous one. Will abstained from voting.
- Jacque Drinkwine would like to put in a 5-ft. solid fence around her property. The board approved unanimously.

• Other Business:
- Henrik Follin’s transient people are wandering around the neighborhood, concerning neighborhood residents to the point of calling the police. Ray Zeim will contact Cal Mason and they will go over and speak with him about his friends and the trailer.
- Next meeting, June 23rd at Rick’s.
- Adjourn 9:30 p.m.

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