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CHOA Board Minutes June 28, 2005

Board Minutes

CHOA Board Meeting Minutes –6/28/05
Attendees – Will Darken, Ray Ziehm, Marta Skovrinski, Rick Simms, Jacque Drinkwine, Joe Stengel - guests, Bill and Angie Matthias, Mike Wolff

Will called the meeting to order at 7:08
• President’s Report: Will
- Signs have been installed on Coal Mine regarding the dangerous right-side passing.
- Will to thank Susan Beckman and alert her to people ignoring the signs and request increased police patrols
- The dumpster for trash day filled in the first weekend, we got another and that filled quickly as well. The consensus is that trash day was quite successful.
- Are our ACCORD dues due?
- Our directors insurance doesn’t cover libel or slander.

• Treasurer’s Report: Rick
- Distributed financial report.
- A dues increase is imminent.

• Secretary’s Report: Marta
- Tardiness of newsletter - distribution system is breaking down again. We discussed again the possibility of mailing them but it was decided to continue with the current system and see how we can better support Pat in getting them out in a more timely manner.
- Ray agreed to guest star in the next newsletter’s director’s spot.
- Social committee to put out 4th of July parade announcement; we should scale down or eliminate prize money as a cost saving measure and have the annual picnic be BYOB.
- No response to the garage sale item as a fund-raiser for CHOA. We’ll need to have a membership drive and raise dues.

• ACC Report: Will
- Will got a call from a roofer; we should allow roofers to present materials and costs to us so the ACC is able to assist/guide neighbors replacing roofs.

• Other Business:
- SB 100 – Will and Joe Stengel:
- We already comply with most of the law, thanks to the groundwork laid by the current board by incorporating and consolidating incorporation and bylaws documents.
- Every two years, an independent audit is required, which would prove very costly. We will make a concerted effort to comply in a manner that is cost effective for our association.
- Cal spoke with Henrik Follin regarding transient people and the trailer with little success. Perhaps it is time to contact other neighbors and poll their reaction to the situation.
- Next meeting, August 25th at Will’s with subsequent meetings scheduled for Oct 27th and Dec 15th.
- Adjourn 8:45 p.m.

Posted by columbine13 on 08/26/2005
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